AViTech, Audio Video Systems is a company established in February 1998 by the owner Edvard Potisk with the intension to be an independent system company in the field of audio video and communication systems. AViTech concentrates especially on the Austrian market as well as markets of the South-Eastern Countries.

A number of small, medium and big projects were developed and finished, very successfully in this time, not only in audio, video and the telecom field of activities but also as building technology projects and deliveries in Austria and different Countries of South Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania, Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan etc.)

With start of a distribution of some high quality products in the year 2002 AViTech opened a new field of activity developing a network of own companies or distributions and project partners in the interested markets.

Distribution concentrates on only a few top brands and was started with the world famous PMC loudspeakers followed by Bryston, Schoeps and Ecosse.

Discovering the PMC/Bryston combination we had powerful tools with which, even with the absolut same products, we could cover 3 totally different fields of activities: Professional Audio, HiFi High End and Installation Systems. Only outside finish is the key for different applications.

In April 2005, with a new showroom, office and store facilities, AViTech was promoted to the PMC/Bryston Sales and the Distribution Centre for Central and South Eastern Europe. Covering 3 markets (Pro, HiFi and Installation) in 13 countries we have a long term task of establishing new brands in a very hard but very potential Region. Central demo and new products stock bring very flexible and fast responses to every request from any country in the Region. A year before we also started a distribution for Schoeps microphones for the former Yugoslav countries.

Professional Audio
As the background of PMC/Bryston and AViTech was in Pro Audio, it was logical to start first in this field of activities. With a number of very high reference projects already in the first year in Austria (ORF, Swoon Factory, Gosh, Freiaudio ...) we made a fantastic base for the further developments also in other countries. With a big number of presentations and demonstrations we brought our products close to the user giving them always possibility to test and compare. The application of PMC/Bryston monitoring is wide. It goes from theatres and broadcasts, private, top mastering and small high end audio studios, and up to home recording needs. A great and big pallet of products helped us to have an answer on every Pro Audio request. Today, we are proud that almost every demand project is made with consideration to PMC/Bryston monitoring. Schoeps products helped us here a lot to close the only analogue part of the audio chain.

HiFi High End
After the big success in Professional Audio in autumn 2003, we started to open the HiFi market aswell. Attending to the several HiFi shows in different countries in Regions we have, very quickly, established PMC/Bryston products also in the private consumer market. Professional background was not disadvantage, even more, we brought to the customers unique possibilities to listen to audio materials at their homes on the products which are in use in the best studios in the world. Every year we are attending more and more HiFi shows and closing more and more Countries also in HiFi markets.

Installation projects
with a combination of nice, HiFi easy listening sound, and Pro powerful monitoring using the same products, we recognized the unique possibility to use our products also in very different high quality installation applications. From top lounge bars and restaurants to the luxury hotels or even museums, whenever high quality, but in same time powerful audio, is requested, we are happy to offer the best solution. Already on the beginning of opening this field of activities we made great references in several countries (see our project sites).