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Target Audio Products are built on the proven design concept of high mass and high rigidity.  The resulting "Mechanical Grounding / Acoustic Coupling" that is acheived is exceptionally effective.  This method was pioneered in speaker stand and component stand designs originally manufactured by Target Audio Products of the UK in 1981-1999.  The original UK Company no longer exists but these same designs are available once more, though now using modern, improved manufacturing practices to achieve greatly increased quality and reliability compared to 35 years ago.

Today, Target Audio Products are 100% designed and manufactured by hand in Ontario, Canada, using the highest quality materials, tools and workmanship.

Target Audio products demonstrate the commitment to be the finest audio stand at an affordable price. Those are available in a stylish black matte finish unsing only environmentally friendly, textured powder paints that are electrostatically applied using an automated line which are cured at 176°C resulting in a durable and attractive finish.

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