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In the quest for sonic perfection manufactures are continually adding mass and damping material to component chassis in an attempt to better isolate critical circuits from vibrations. When dealing with electrical pulses as tenuous as those found in DAC modules and preamplifiers, even the slightest mechanical instabilities will cause audible distortions.

By taking measures to ensure that vibrations are kept away from signal carrying circuits, distortions can be held to inaudible levels. This same reasoning can be applied to the equipment support. A competent design will isolate your component from the reaches of destructive mechanical forces, thus completely eliminating the risk of vibrations from ever affecting your audio circuits.

Finally, an equipment or loudspeaker stand should not call attention to itself, thanks to some obscure yet questionable design feature. It should look at home in any decor while exhibiting a subtle sense of ingenuity and practicality.

FBM Rondo is based in Zagreb, Croatia

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