• Bryston


    Perhaps no other company has developed such a remarkable reputation among both HiFi enthusiasts and audio professionals alike as Bryston.

    Bryston's award winning sound quality and unique reputation for incredible durability are a recipe for very enthusiastic customers.

    Full line of audio electronics and loudspeakers are the top choice for high performance theatres and music listening rooms when clients demand studio quality and performance.

    Every product is tested for one hundred hours at the factory prior to shipment so you can be assured of outstanding quality and enjoyment for years to come.

    Bryston's dedication to creating the most reliable products is clearly evident in their 20 year analog and 5 year digital warranty.

    Bryston products allow you to enjoy a generation of sound, music, and incredible performance. Bryston is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, just northeast of Toronto.

  • Phonon


    Phonon was born for the mission to “tell people accurate information about imagination of music”.

    Using unique ideas and skills, Phonon produces distinguished products that don’t even have category. This is not the improvement from old systems; it is a resolution from the baseline.

    Phonon’s starting point comes from trying to find the way for musicians to hear their true sound.

    By re-evaluating the “recording to playback” process from scratch and using unique ideas and technologies, Phonon offers you a new tool to precisely convey the artist’s imagination.

  • PMC


    PMC believes a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist without colouration – The ideal solution for both studio & home.

  • Rondo


    In the quest for sonic perfection manufactures are continually adding mass and damping material to component chassis in an attempt to better isolate critical circuits from vibrations. When dealing with electrical pulses as tenuous as those found in DAC modules and preamplifiers, even the slightest mechanical instabilities will cause audible distortions.

    By taking measures to ensure that vibrations are kept away from signal carrying circuits, distortions can be held to inaudible levels. This same reasoning can be applied to the equipment support. A competent design will isolate your component from the reaches of destructive mechanical forces, thus completely eliminating the risk of vibrations from ever affecting your audio circuits.

    Finally, an equipment or loudspeaker stand should not call attention to itself, thanks to some obscure yet questionable design feature. It should look at home in any decor while exhibiting a subtle sense of ingenuity and practicality.

    FBM Rondo is based in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Schoeps


    The SCHOEPS name enjoys great respect world-wide. It is associated with products that are impressive for their simple elegance and practicality, in addition to their excellent quality.

    Without a doubt SCHOEPS is among the most innovative manufacturers of microphones, having always followed its own path in product development.

  • Target


    Target Audio Products are built on the proven design concept of high mass and high rigidity.  The resulting "Mechanical Grounding / Acoustic Coupling" that is acheived is exceptionally effective.  This method was pioneered in speaker stand and component stand designs originally manufactured by Target Audio Products of the UK in 1981-1999.  The original UK Company no longer exists but these same designs are available once more, though now using modern, improved manufacturing practices to achieve greatly increased quality and reliability compared to 35 years ago.

    Today, Target Audio Products are 100% designed and manufactured by hand in Ontario, Canada, using the highest quality materials, tools and workmanship.

    Target Audio products demonstrate the commitment to be the finest audio stand at an affordable price. Those are available in a stylish black matte finish unsing only environmentally friendly, textured powder paints that are electrostatically applied using an automated line which are cured at 176°C resulting in a durable and attractive finish.

  • Van Damme

    Van Damme

    The Van Damme range has been designed, engineered and refined for over two decades as a result of technological advances and customer driven requirements.

    This comprehensive and intelligent yet practical range of specialist audio and video cables has achieved premier status simply by being the finest cable range of its type on the open market.

    Listening closely to customers and keeping our finger ‘on the pulse’ has afforded us the enviable position of offering our clients what they truly need without compromise.

    Van Damme has incorporated many new and innovative ideas never seen before. These are designed to cater for anything from eco-friendly to user friendly, this largely depending on whether it is an architectural specification or the rigours of touring.

    This is why Van Damme is employed so confidently on the stages, studios and screens across the world.

    Van Damme client list says it all.