Schoeps Introduces new Miniature Colette Amplifier CMC 1

Oct 7, 2019

The CMC 1 is new, small Schoeps Colette microphone amplifier, about one-third the size and 40% lighter than the CMC 6. It is compatible with all components of the Colette system and can be used in place of the CMC 6 without compromise, for all applications in which the size and weight of the microphone play a role.

At SCHOEPS, “uncompromising miniaturization” means that the electrical characteristics of the CMC 1 are equal to, or even better than, those of the CMC 6. Through modern electronic design, these outstanding electrical properties have been achieved:

    High maximum SPL: 135 dB-SPL with the MK 4 (0.5% THD or less)

    Very low current consumption: 2.0 mA at 48 Volts

    Operates on 48 V or 12 V phantom power

    Very high immunity from RF interference with the SCHOEPS RFI Shield