We carry only selected and high-quality brands which can be universally and uncompromisingly used in the area of hi-fi and home cinemas, pro audio as well as installations for business premises. As a long-standing partner of the brands we distribute, we are familiar with their whole range of products and are able to inform you about innovative developments at an early stage.
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Ecosse Reference Cables

Ecosse People are Music People-first and always!

In hi-fi terms Ecosse can genuinely lay claim to being the only hi-fi company in the world drawn from a team of Audio Professionals allied with successful individuals from the fields of recording, promoting/managing and playing music!

From our extensive and growing range of cables, we have interconnects, loudSpeaker and powerchord cables to match with your hardware and with your aspirations. For optimum performance we recommend the matching of conductor types and our rating system offers an easy guide to the appropriate cable match.

It should be noted that each cable is specifically designed for its application and its termination chosen to maximise its performance. We use the highest quality materials not only in our cables but also in our unique plug terminations. So whether your requirements are for two-channel or for multi-channel, audio or visual; and whether your hardware is of modest cost or obscene, we have a cable to satisfy your needs.

Ecosse Reference Cables
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