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Avitech Contest „Give us your oldie!“

From OLD to NEW: We will replace the oldest Bryston 4B with a brand new Bryston 4B³

Bryston will be 40 and we are celebrating with a competition.

The rules:
1. You own a 4B – all generations accepted.
2. Photograph your amplifier, together with the rest of your system – and its serial number.
3. E-mail or send us your photos.
4. The sender who owns the oldest 4B will win a replacement of a brand new originally packed 4B³ - of course with Bryston’s world renowned 20 year warranty.

Conditions of participation to contest „ Give us your oldie! “:

1. All participants must be of legal age. Please consider different regulations within different sales areas (point2).

2. You are a resident of one of the Avitech sales areas.

Those are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, FYROM (Macedonia), Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Austria.

3. Please send your photos to:, or alternatively by post to: Avitech, Czerningasse 16, 1020 Wien, Austria.

4. By sending your photos you agree that Avitech can use these for advertising purposes, including your initials.

(f. e.: A.B. from C)

5. If you wish to be named and credited alongside your photograph please let us know and provide us with your full name upon posting/mailing the photo.

6. Entry Deadline: 30. April 2017.

7. The winner will be announced in May 2017. 

8. The owner of the oldest 4B-amplifier will win and this will be exchanged with a brand new 4B³.

9. Avitech will arrange for postage of the new 4B³ and will pay for any associated costs.

10. This contest is not subject to legal recourse.


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First Bryston 4B Amplifier, Serial Number # 4001
First Bryston 4B³ delivery in March 2016

PMC Bryston Schoeps Van damme Ecosse FBM Rondo Phonon