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The Phonon 4000 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

The next generation in Hi Fi headphones revolutionizes the DJ experience by delivering powerful yet warm, analog-like sound in a sleek design.

The next generation in Hi Fi headphones revolutionizes the DJ experience by delivering powerful yet warm, analog-like sound in a sleek design. 

Phonon Inc, the progressive Hi-Fi audio gear brand from Japan, releases its 2nd, highly anticipated headphone, The DJ and mobile audiophile friendly, Phonon 4000.

Since its 2012 debut in Japan, Phonon’s first (studio monitoring) headphones the SMB-02 have been praised and greatly supported across the world by studio professionals, audiophiles, music lovers, musicians, music producers and DJs.

Phonon’s distinct, detailed sound is achieved thru the proprietary tuning techniques of mastering engineer & CEO, Isao Kumano. Phonon's new approach to headphones, which focuses on delivering full, rich sound, quickly built their reputation as the brand of pure sound quality. Used and recommended by top artists, engineers, audiophiles and music lovers, they have been praised as the holy grail of headphones in top international media like Head-Fi, The New York Times, Groove Magazine, Hi-Fi Choice etc. 

The Phonon 4000 are the mobile version of the SMB-02, they sound powerful and compact, with moderately raised lower frequencies, they are perfect for DJ booth monitoring and adding warmth to the sound produced out of mobile devices and music streaming services. They are Ideal for traveling, working on music on the go, DJing. They successfully deliver high quality sound from any source. “We have been working on migrating our much appreciated sound to a more portable form

factor. It took a lot of tweaking and tuning to get the right sound, but we think we to got it right once again. In these very exciting times in audio and music, we are pleased to present the mobile version of the SMB-02 with our new mobile hi-fi phone 4000 headphones! We hope you enjoy them,” says Alex from Tokyo, Phonon partner and International Liaison.

The phonon 4000 comes in 2 different (plate design) models: Matt black and Silver hairline (designed in collaboration by the up-coming Japanese illustrator and visual artist Tadaomi Shibuya).

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New Mobile Phonon HiFi Headphones 4000 - black
New Mobile Phonon HiFi Headphones 4000 - silver

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