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Bryston SP3

The New State of the Art Surround-Prozessor/Preamplifier

The target was simple: To develop a Surround-Processor and Preamplifier which independent of the Format – Stereo up to 7.1, analogue or digital - with outstanding sound and simple control. To reach this target is not easy job, which proof many years Bryston invests in development of this product.

First at all the new Bryston SP3 is AUDIO product, the one for enjoying of listening with no compromise in the sound quality. It is committed by name Bryston. SP3 has Class-A-circuits, separate power supply for each analogue and digital path and – big advantage for eventually upgrades – modular build. To avoid any HDMI-problems can occur with upcoming new HDMI standards, Bryston SP3 derivate audio signal from the HDMI path for the audio processing and lead video signal trough to the HDMI outputs. Regarding HDMI inputs and outputs: There are 8 HDMI inputs which can be configure individually and two HDMI outputs with parallel output signals. Furthermore there are, of course, all classical inputs, balanced and unbalanced, 7.1 analogue inputs as well as digital inputs as SPDIF, optical or AES/EBU.

Also all current audio Formats can Bryston SP3 process and forward to outputs: Dolby True HD, Digital Plus, Digital EX, Pro Logic IIx, DTS-HD Master Audio und Dolby Volume. Up to 7.1 channels.
Even controlling of Bryston SP3 is very easy and can be done simply on the processor display. Yes you have read correctly – all control including all submenus. Bryston did here as one of the first manufacturer excellent their homework – away from confusing and unclear number of parameters, up to clean and logical menu structure, to be completed with few keys and hand moves. Whoever tried to read hundreds of manual pages and tried to make some changes on confused On-Screen-Manu, will appreciate this point.

Short: Bryston SP3 is very easy to control, thanks to modular build future-proof and sounds fantastic in all ways of enjoyment. This push, you also should personally try this fantastic product!

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